Who Is Air Power?

Your daily ABC Air Power goodness is gathered by a team of full-time, experienced, talented and well-groomed news and entertainment journalism professionals who love what they do so much, they have allowed us to display their photographs here accompanied by potentially incriminating biographical information.

Andrea Dresdale

Andrea Dresdale

Manager of Entertainment Programming
CHR/Hot AC/AC Editor/Producer

Andrea Dresdale is a 25-year veteran of syndicated radio and knows entirely too much about music. Over the years, her one-on-one interviews have included Madonna, Taylor Swift, Cher, Rod Stewart, Usher, Sting, Mick Jagger, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean and pretty much anyone who’s made the pop charts in the last decade.  She’s often spotted on red carpets, but her natural habitat is backstage at awards shows and TV studios, where she subsists entirely on a diet of stale bagels, Red Bull, overripe fruit, Doritos, and the occasional brownie.

Christopher Watson

Christopher Watson

Senior Producer/Managing Editor

Since his first radio job in 1979, Christopher Watson (aka Kato) has worked as a disc jockey, copywriter, production director, promotions coordinator, and morning show “danger boy,” writer, performer, producer, co-host and host. The message is clear: he can’t hold down a steady gig. ABC News Radio hired him out of pity in 1991, whereupon he created and wrote the ABC Wake-Up Call show prep service before becoming ABC Air Power managing editor/producer in 2000. In his spare time, he enjoys writing mildly amusing ABC Air Power staff biographies.

JJoi-Marie McKenzieoi-Marie McKenzie

Editor/Producer, New York

Joi-Marie McKenzie has seen her entertainment and celebrity reporting featured on ESPN.com, Essence.com, Rolling Stone, the Associated Press, The Washington Post and more. She’s also received recognition for her innovative work in social media, including founding the celeb and nightlife blog network The Fab Empire. All of this makes Joi-Marie far too classy to work for ABC Air Power but we promised her we wouldn’t tell anyone. Except for, y’know, this bit here. Shhh.

Hunter KellyHunter Kelly

Country Editor/Producer, Nashville

Hunter Kelly has been with ABC News since 2006. Working out of his office on Music Row, Hunter’s interviewed everyone who’s anyone in country music and covers all major country music events, including the CMA Awards and CMA Music Festival, the ACM Awards and the Country Radio Seminar. He also writes the occasional American Idol re-cap, although his emails to producers to have a George Jones night have thus far gone unanswered.

DDavid Blausteinavid Blaustein

Entertainment Correspondent, New York

David Blaustein has been with ABC News Radio since 1998: interviewing stars, reviewing movies, producing entertainment specials and covering every major Hollywood event from the Oscars on down. But his impressive resumé pales in comparison to his passion for a good manicure. Square, oval, French tip with a coat of clear polish, Dave just can’t get enough. We encourage you to ask him about it at every opportunity, or at least until he realizes how unwise it is to ignore repeated requests for a brief professional bio.

Jason NathansonJason Nathanson

Entertainment Correspondent, Los Angeles

Jason Nathanson loves entertainment reporting so much, he left college early to join the industry, if by “left early” you mean “the dean threatened to call the authorities.” He’s since covered the Oscars, the Emmys and more and has won several industry awards for his news reporting (we checked), but is most proud of the Golden Mike he received for his interview with a major celebrity who repeatedly told Jason that his questions sucked. That kind of validation is just darned difficult to find nowadays.

Steve IervolinoSteve Iervolino

Editor/Producer, New York

Steve Iervolino began working for ABC Air Power in 2010, whereupon it soon became apparent he had never found a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. It also soon became apparent that Steve really, really, really likes Star Wars and all things geek, expertise that serves Air Power well in our coverage of same. We asked Steve for more info for this bio but he said we really didn’t need to see his identification. These aren’t the droids we’re looking for. He can go about his business. Move along.

Matt FriedlanderMatt Friedlander

Classic Rock & Oldies Writer/Producer, New York

Matt Friedlander’s resume includes many years covering rock news for radio, as well as a gig with MTV News. His interview roster is a who’s-who of classic rock, including Carlos Santana, Lindsey Buckingham, Graham Nash, Peter Gabriel, Queen’s Roger Taylor, Heart’s Ann Wilson, The Kinks’ Dave Davies and members of The Doors, Yes and ZZ Top. In his free time, he plays guitar and sings in the New Jersey-based “adult alternative” band The Thousand Pities, because one always needs an alternative to being adult. He’s also really good at naming country capitals. Lisbon. See? He wrote that.

Whitney McDonaldWhitney McDonald

Urban Writer/Producer, New York

Whitney J. McDonald realized her love of radio after completing a sport broadcasting internship at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where she also played Division 1 basketball on a full athletic scholarship. This means you should never turn her down for an interview, because she will dunk on you, both literally and metaphorically. She’s also worked at MTV, interviewing artists including Alicia Keys, John Legend, Beyoncé, Miguel, Drake and Mariah Carey, the latter only after Whitney sang Mi Mi’s favorite song, “Underneath the Stars,” and then only because neither felt like playing half-court in heels.

josh-johnsonJosh Johnson

Active & Alternative Rock Writer/Producer, New York

Ever since he saw his first concert, Old 97’s, the night before his 13th birthday, Josh Johnson has been obsessed with music. That obsession soon found a voice in his writing, which has been featured in Cultivora, The Deli Magazine and lots of other cool online and print publications. But nothing is as cool as Josh’s hat. Behold. And the shades. And Josh’s dog, Omar, who’s named after the character on The Wire. Which makes him cool as well, though it’s unknown if Omar the dog also digs hats. Sometimes, you’ve gotta know when to stop.

Shane LouShane Lou

Editor/Producer, New York

Shane Lou has been part of the ABC News family since 2003, beginning as a sports producer before joining the ABC Air Power team. His responsibilities include writing entertainment and music stories, producing features and processing audio. His hobbies include watching Saved by the Bell, discussing Saved by the Bell, and watching people who are discussing people who watch Saved by the Bell. Yeah. We know.

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