ABC Air Power Frequently Asked Questions

Whom Do I Contact if I Have a Technical Problem?

Not that we don’t love hearing from you, but before you contact ABC Air Power Tech Support please ensure you’ve investigated possible problem causes on your end. Very often, issues with connecting to ABC Air Power are caused by browser security settings, local network configuration, firewall and anti-virus settings, and so on. So have your tech geek take a peek before contacting our tech geek.

If your problem persists, your best bet is always to e-mail us at We’ll get back to you straightaway.

Whom Do I Contact if I’ve Lost My Username and/or Password or if I Need My Login Changed?

If you have misplaced or forgotten your ABC Air Power login information, shame on you — that’s why you should always save that sucker someplace other than on your computer, where it can be stolen by stealthy cyber ninjas.

If you need us to send you your login information or change your login, send an e-mail to Make certain you include your name, station call letters and telephone number. Note that we will first verify the authenticity of all such requests before we comply, and that your ABC Air Power login may subsequently be changed at our discretion even if you don’t request it. Because that’s how we roll.

Whom Do I Contact if I Need to Change My Contact Information?

If you need to change your ABC Air Power contact information, such as if you have a personnel change, send an e-mail request to As with login changes, we will first verify the authenticity of all such requests before we comply

Whom Do I Contact if I Have a Question, Comment or Suggestion About ABC Air Power Content?

Just send an e-mail to You can also contact ABC News Radio entertainment manager Andrea Dresdale at or ABC Air Power senior producer/managing editor Christopher Watson at Both are just super nice people, rilly they are.

Whom Do I Contact for Any Other Issue?

For any other issue, please contact You’ll find more contact information on the Get ABC Air Power page.

What Setup and Software Do I Need on My Computer to Use ABC Air Power?

Let’s run it down:

Internet Connection
DSL or T1 required, cable or faster recommended.

ABC Air Power has been tested and verified to work with current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. If ABC Air Power display or functionality issues arise as a result of manufacturer upgrades or other changes to these browsers, we’ll get them fixed lickety-split.

To Play MP3 Audio
Any of the widely-available commercial media players will work just fine, such as Windows Media PlayerRealPlayerQuickTimeiTunes and Winamp. It’s a safe bet your computer already has one installed. If not, free versions of these players are available for download.

To Unzip Downloaded ABC Air Power Story & Audio Files
Downloaded ABC Air Power files, both text and audio, are saved as .zip archive files, meaning you will need an unzip utility to open them. Most PCs and Macs come from the factory with an unzip program. You can check this on your own computer by simply double-clicking the zipped file — if it opens, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, there are many commercially-available unzip utilities, some of them free — a Internet search for “zip utility” will reveal the most popular. Unfortunately, ABC Air Power can’t recommend or endorse any of them, although we’re confident most of them are swell. Probably.

To Open Downloaded PDF Air Power Story Files
Downloaded ABC Air Power text files are saved as a single Adobe PDF file. You will need a PDF viewer to read and print these files. Adobe Reader is the most popular and widely-used. If it’s not already installed on your computer, it’s available for free at for Windows platforms and for Mac and other platforms.

How Do I Find My Way Around and Use the ABC Air Power Site?

We know — it’s impressive, yeah? But trust us, ABC Air Power is very easy to use because we’ve designed it that way. Just a few minutes of clicking around should be all you need to get the hang of things. Still, because we’re such swell folks, we’ve created the ABC Air Power Quick-Start Guide, complete with illustrations, to get you going. If you need a copy, just click here!

At What Times Is ABC Air Power Updated?

ABC Air Power is updated Monday through Friday, twice each day:

4:00 AM ET U.S./9:00 AM GMT
12:00 AM ET U.S./5:00 AM GMT
(NOTE: GMT -1 during U.S. Daylight Saving Time)

We also update ABC Air Power with breaking news throughout the day. ABC Air Power is not updated on weekends or on major U.S. holidays. In the event of holidays we always notify you beforehand as a reminder, so you don’t yell at us.

Does ABC Air Power Provide Breaking News E-Mail Bulletins?

Why, funny you should ask — yes, ABC Air Power sends e-mail bulletins on both general and format-specific breaking news of significant importance. We also update ABC Air Power with major breaking news outside of scheduled content updates. These e-mail updates are sent to the e-mail address of your official ABC Air Power contact person. So if you don’t receive it, blame them.

Can I Follow ABC Air Power On Twitter?

You most certainly can. ABC Air Power uses Twitter to provide occasional updates about stories on which we’re working, breaking news and other issues of interest to affiliates. You can follow us at Please note, however, that we do not use Twitter to address tech support questions. For those, please send us a note at

What If I Still Have Questions?

We don’t see how that could possibly be, but if you have a question that hasn’t been addressed here, send an e-mail to You can also contact ABC News Radio entertainment manager Andrea Dresdale at or ABC Air Power senior producer/managing editor Christopher Watson at